Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why Wait?

What are you waiting for? I always joke that I'm waiting to exhale.... There are times in life when we have to wait--in line at the grocery store, in traffic, in the waiting room at the doctor's office, at a red light, just to name a few. These are examples of times when we have no control over the "wait". There are numerous other things in life that we do have control over and we still wait. One that comes immediately to mind is the majority of women do not use their fine china very often. We WAIT for a special occasion or holiday. We WAIT until our children are gone and grown to pursue our interests; or in some cases we WAIT for our husbands to give us the green light for something. We WAIT until Monday to start a diet or exercise plan. We constantly put things on a "waiting list". A large amount of people don't live to the fullest or live a great and fulfilled life. People focus on what is not working, what is not happening or complain about all the wrongs of life. People WAIT until the sun, the moon and the stars line up and their bank accounts are overflowing to live fully or to be happy! Most people do not show or share their expressions of love until it is to late. We WAIT. I have two childhood friends that I have talked to within the past two days....One had a serious car accident that could have ended his life in the matter of minutes and the other, she needs a heart transplant. Both are in their early forties. Both are looking at life very differently. They are not WAITING to live anymore, they know all too well, that tomorrow is not promised... They have made a command decision to live more, complain less; live fully. I would like to encourage everyone to stop waiting to live and live fully now. Everyone's definition is and will be different of what a full, great or fulfilled life is. Yesterday, I answered this question: What is your definition of a great life? I wrote my definition down and I will reflect on it daily to remind myself and keep me accountable to how I want to live a great life. I recommend you do the same. I want a full life now, no more waiting. I'm dusting off my fine china! I am making a decision that I do not want to live with my goals, dreams, interests and aspirations on the "waiting list". Think about it....What are you waiting for?

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