Thursday, February 2, 2012


Years ago, when my sons were younger (and lighter), we would play a game we called turbulence.  It was really a way to get them out of bed in the morning.  Here is how it worked, I would pick one of them up out of his high platform bunk bed, bounce him around and then "land" him safely on the floor.  Every morning my oldest would say, "Mommy Turbulence, More Turbulence!"   Now, this was a fun morning routine game and I have very fond memories.  On the flip side, everyone knows that turbulence on an airplane, is nothing but a game, nor is it fun.  A few years ago, I had an experience with turbulence that is forever etched in my brain.  I think I actually kissed the ground when I got off that plane.

I was on a flight to Pittsburgh.  For short trips like this; between D.C. and Pittsburgh commuter planes are used.  (not a crop duster with a propeller, but close)   Our flight started off fine, nice and smooth; the fasten seat belt sign was turned off,  flight attendants started serving drinks and snacks,  then BOOM...a loud  rattling sound echoed through the plane.  From that point on, it felt like the pilot, the plane and the air pockets were fighting a revolution!  Glasses were sliding off the trays, the plane was being tossed around,  and I double checked to see where the emergency exits were as I scrambled to get my bible from my purse.   I just KNEW the plane was going down....  I called out to Jesus and started to pray OUT loud.  The passenger next to me grabbed my hand and said, "Are you all right?" I said, "NO, but I will be".  I continued to pray and read my bible as he looked at me in shock.  The flight continued for what seemed like eternity and we finally landed safely in Pittsburgh.  At the end of the flight, passengers were hugging and thanking the pilot.   However, there was one passenger, also a pilot, that confronted the actual pilot of the flight.  He said, "that was awful, you couldn't have prevented that, there was no way around that travel path?"  The pilot said, "No, I had to go through it and I did all in my power to get us through it and get us through safely!"

We all hit turbulent points in our life.  There is no vaccination to provide immunity to challenges, turmoil or life's stressors.  However, with God, nothing is impossible.  The turbulence in our lives comes to provide a lesson and draw us closer to God.  When it hits, we get desperate, we pray more, cry out more, we are trying to get God's attention.   Think about it--sometimes He is trying to get our attention.  We have to go through trials and tribulations to appreciate and realize God's power.   It teaches us to rely on God's word and promises, not just when things are going well, but during the more difficult times too.  Sometimes turbulence cannot be avoided, you have to buckle up, hold on and go through it.  Remember, God is our Pilot and He has the power to get you through.


DRC said...

Yes, let God guide us through turbulence. Because sometimes the turbulence is good. I hear pastor say last night that 'if it isn't uncomfortable then it probably isn't faith' ...or something like that. I love my turbulence now, because I'm making 'waves' in the world (like I'm supposed to). I'm waaaay outside of my comfort zone. Let's all fly!

Miss Twists said...

Very inspiring . . . thank you!

Valerie said...

cVery nice.

Nicola Stith said...

Amen and I thank him for bringing me through the turbulence.